Paddock Girls of Misano MotoGP 2012

Yamaha Factory Racing Umbrella Girls in Misano MotoGP 2012

The 13th round of the 2012 MotoGP World Championship has been held at Misano Circuit, San Marino, where Jorge Lorenzo of Yamaha Factory Racing Team has won this race. Here is photo gallery of the beautiful ladies from the pits and paddock for your perusal and you can enjoy the umbrella girls, grid babes and paddock girls photo gallery of GP Aperol di San Marino e Riviera di Rimini:
Power Electronics Aspar Paddock Girls in Misano MotoGP 2012Aperol Grid Girls in Misano MotoGP 2012Monster Energy Paddock Girl in Misano MotoGP 2012Linear Paddock Girl in Misano MotoGP 2012NGM Forward Racing Paddock Girl in Misano MotoGP 2012

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